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M249 SAW

M249 SAW

The M249 SAW is designed to be used on the front lines where it really matters, providing crucial support at the infantrysquad/ fire team level by providing highly accurate fire plus the maneuverability to take the objective. The ergonomically-shaped polymer buttstock contains a hydraulic buffer that allows SAW gunners to maintain a high rate of fire with accuracy and effect.

*Product follows USA specifications

*Military products available to US sales only

M249 SAW


  • Formed steel frame with claw extractor design
  • Fixed, pivoting ejector plus side ejection of cases
  • Top cover integrated MIL -STD 1913 mounting rail for sighting systems


  • Changeable barrel
  • Cold hammer-forged steel
  • Hard chrome-plated bore and chamber


  • Highly ergonomic polymer buttstock assembly with hydraulic recoil buffer system and non-slip buttplate


  • Crossbolt safety
  • Curved trigger for improved finger position and control in rapid fire


  • Standard disintegrating link belt-fed
  • Under-mounted polymer ammunition container helps keep ammunition cleaner for reduced wear and added reliability

M249 SAW

  • Caliber: 5.56x45 mm
  • Operation: Open-bolt
  • Color: Matte black non-reflective finish on all surfaces
  • Effective Range: 800 m, point target
  • Maximum Range: 3600 m, maximum range
  • Barrel Length: 20.5"
  • Overall Length: 40.75"
  • Overall Height: 9.5"
  • Weight: 17.0 lbs. (empty)
  • Twist Rate: 1:7" RH
  • Trigger Pull: 7.9 -15.7 lbs.
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire: 775 RPM
Available for Law Enforcement
Available for Military


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